Spokane County Interstate Fair aims to bring diverse crowds in 2018

At this year’s Spokane County Interstate Fair, the theme is “lettuce turnip the jam,” but the goal is to bring in more diverse crowds.

Organizer Mary Kae Repp explained, “this year we are really trying to reach that person who’s absolutely never been to the fair before, somebody who wouldn’t consider coming or maybe someone who hasn’t been in 15 or 20 years.”

To do so, they’ve upped their food game, by trying to have something for every palette. There are 40 different food vendors, more than any fair before. As well as special places for those foodies to enjoy what’s on their plate.

“We’ve added the No-Li Brew Barn. It’s a remodeled, very old barn that has been on the grounds for years but we’ve made it funky and fun.” Repp added.

If the food doesn’t peak your interesting, maybe the entertainment will.

“They were like ‘hey we want to kind of have more diversity this year, instead of the same acts that keep coming back, we want to bring a younger crowd and more of like a hard rock crowd,'” said Ethan Harrison, member of the band Nixon Rodeo.

Nixon rodeo will be performing some classic hits, along with their own material on Thursday. It’s the first time they’ll perform at the fair and headline at the Grandstand. Sovereign Citizen and the Non-profits will open for them and the show promises to include fire breathers, silk acrobats and stilt walkers.

“All local from the Spokane-area, which is pretty cool,” shared Ethan.

If you’re a fair faithful, don’t worry. Your favorites will still be there this year. There’s the larger than life carnival, rodeo and animals, including the sea lions – back by popular demand.

Sisters Mckenna and Maleah Moore brought their goats on Good Morning Northwest Friday, that they plan to show all week long.

McKenna said, “I think it’s really fun, you get to be in the fair and people get to come around and see your goats.”

Before you leave the fair, make sure you take a selfie in front of the new selfie wall. This was made for the Spokane County Interstate Fair this year by Art Lab Spokane and is a great way to take a piece of the fair right home with you.