Spokane County confident in their emergency alert system

Spokane County confident in their emergency alert system

Tuesday people in Japan received a false news bulletin stating North Korea had fired a missile. Saturday, an accidental text in Hawaii put people in a panic thinking there was an imminent, incoming missile. Both were frightening false alarms

In Spokane County, emergency management is confident if you get a local alert; it will be the real thing. They use a system called Alert Spokane to contact you either by text, phone or email and say they’ve made it trustworthy.

Chandra Fox, the Deputy Director of Emergency Management for Spokane County said, “there are a number of safeguards built right in to our system, our protocols right now require us to have two people look at what we are doing.”

Additionally, very few people have access to the system and several layers of security to get through to even write the message. The most comforting fact, though is that they’ve used it successfully many times before.

“We had evacuation notices for Fire District 4 during fire season, then we assisted the City of Airway Heights during their water contamination issue,” shared Fox.

When it comes to what to do after you receive an alert, Fox said you can prepare for a nuclear attack just like you’d prepare for a winter storm. She advised putting together a box with a week’s worth of survival supplies including water, food, a first aid kit and flashlights.

And continue to stay alert.

“Be informed, not be afraid, the more information you have, the more comfortable you are.” added Fox.

You can sign up for emergency alerts from Spokane County by creating a profile through their website.