Spokane County Commissioners ask Inslee to consider lifting ban on single-family home construction

Developers worry about possible tenant laws
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SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane County Board of Commissioners wrote Governor Jay Inslee asking him to reconsider the moratorium on the construction of single-family homes, citing the need for affordable housing.

Construction was deemed unessential in Inslee’s recent Stay Home, Stay Healthy order.

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“Within Spokane County, there is a significant need for affordable housing. By issuing a moratorium on development of single-family residences, it will have the effect of further distancing the affordability gap within our community,” the Commissioners wrote. “There is no doubt these are unprecedented times for our State and Nation. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak is forecasted to have significant impact on our local, national, and global economy. By enacting restrictions on single-family residential development, this is perpetuating the economic divide, impacting revenue sources for our constituents and local government agencies.”

The board said they received assurance from the development community of their ability to maintain safe social distancing while continuing construction services.

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