Spokane councilman Bingle wants city to pass resolution opposing vaccine mandates

SPOKANE, Wash – A Spokane city councilman recently censured for not following a city mask mandate now wants the council to pass a resolution opposing vaccine mandates.

Jonathan Bingle presented the resolution to the Public Safety and Community Health Committee Monday afternoon.

He’s asking for a vote on February 28th

The resolution states that “The City of Spokane expresses its desire to be a welcoming and inclusive community, that respects individual liberty and health care choice, by opposing any mandatory vaccination implied or imposed by any Federal, State or local government.”

The city does not have any vaccine mandates in place for employees. Firefighters are required to show proof of vaccination or a medical exemption because of a state mandate that requires it.

The resolution says “overreaching government mandates will further exacerbate City workforce shortages, burnout, turnover, and recruitment challenges.”

It also cites the federal VAERS database on vaccine deaths, which is not a reliable source because it does not require the submitter to prove any cause and effect relationship between the vaccine and injury.

Bingle’s resolution also states the CDC credits natural immunity with being more effective than the vaccine at preventing infection.

The CDC report that includes this information was done before the omicron surge and the CDC “vaccination remains the safest and primary strategy to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infections.”

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