Spokane company found illegally selling vapor products to minors

Vaping epidemic hits close to home

SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane company will have to pay $30,000 to the Attorney General’s Office after it was found illegally selling vapor products to minors.

Investigators from the AG’s office posed as minors and caught seven companies, including VanVal Vapor, violating the state’s age verification law.

The investigators assembled a list of 148 online vapor product sellers, then posed as minors or used false identifying information to try and purchase products with nicotine.

Washington state law requires age verification for online vapor products sales, but seven of those 148 companies did not do so. The AG’s office said one even completed a sale when the investigator indicated they were 17 years old.

“Parents are working hard to combat the youth vaping epidemic, but it can be a challenge,” said AG Bob Ferguson. “That challenge becomes more difficult when companies don’t respect the rules. Companies that sell vapor products in Washington must follow our laws.”

Five of the companies caught in the sweep signed legally binding agreements to change their advertising and online sales practices to comply with Washington’s law. Those five companies include:

  • VanVal Vapor, Spokane: $30,000
  • Zenish, New York: $50,000
  • Local Vape, Nevada: $25,000
  • Northland Vapor, Minnesota: $7,000
  • WOV, Colorado: $20,000

Two additional companies caught in the sweep have failed to cooperate with the investigation. Lawsuits have been filed against both of those companies.

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