Spokane Community College students selling poinsettia plants from the SCC Greenery

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Community College Greenery has poinsettia plants on sale.

Second-year Greenhouse Nursery Management students grow the plants, study them and are now selling them to the community.

Customers have 13 different varieties of the plant to choose from and all 6″ poinsettias cost seven dollars.

The sale will be Tuesday through Friday from 10am-2pm.

Because of COVID-19, the greenhouse will be limited to only 5 people at a time.

Just print out the postcard on their Facebook page to park for free at the Greenery, located at 1810 N Greene St. in Building 10.


Poinsettias are (short-day) photoperiodic, meaning they do not initiate flowering until the Fall Equinox (end of September).

The true flower of Euphorbia pulcherrima is technically the cyathia (which is the little yellow flowers within the bracts).

People are actually attracted to modified leaves of poinsettias called bracts.


Owners of poinsettias can place plants anywhere in there home during the holidays, as long as it not drafty or too cool.

While they are in bract, they are not actively growing, so bright light is not necessary.

More importantly, the plant should not be over-watered. Allow the soil to dry out or turn light in color before the next watering.

Most people over-water or let the plants sit in standing water, which leads to root rot.

One can keep a plant alive well into the next season, but the trick is producing a quality, fully bract plant.

The light interruption in our homes tends to be enough for the species to not initiate flowering.

The SCC Greenery suggests you support growers and buy a new plant each year — consider them living bouquets!