Spokane Comedy Club operating three restaurants, allowing private comedy shows under Phase 1

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Comedy Club was once the Spokane Shake Company, but changed its business model once the weather got cold.

Now it’s the Spokane Comedy Club and more.

The “more” represents three different restaurants the club is now operating.

These restaurants are Spokane Breakfast Company, Fat Boy Wings, and Quesadilla Queen.


The venue is also allowing indoor dining on the weekends because of the garage that opens up to outside.

Even though the club must run these restaurants, it is moving on the path forward.

Under Phase 1 of Healthy Washington, live entertainment is allowed but with strict guidelines.

The Spokane Comedy Club is bringing shows back, but only private ones for you and members of your household.

It is $200 for a 90-minute show and $250 for a 90-minute show plus a $100 gift card to use in Phase 2 or a public show later on.

You can reserve a show by emailing them at info@barkentertainment.com.

For more information on Spokane Comedy Club and more, see the website.