Spokane Co. DOL offices to close Saturdays amid COVID-19 difficulties

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane County is closing its vehicle licensing offices on Saturdays due to difficulties with COVID-19 and the influx of customers.

The offices will remain open Monday-Friday.

Other than at the County Courthouse, vehicle licensing offices have been open Monday through Saturday every week through the pandemic, but the Saturdays have been particularly hard to moderate as they are too busy and too cramped.

“Keeping employees and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be extremely difficult,” said Spokane County Auditor, Vicky Dalton. “On Saturdays, managing the lines of customers, maintaining adequate cleaning and scheduling staff has proven to be too complex and difficult to overcome.”

Vehicle owners have been encouraged to renew tabs online or by mail, but this has also been bogging down the system — Dalton said that tab renewal notices from the Department of Licensing have been late, which they expect will be rectified soon.

Most transactions can be made online at the DOL website, including renewing tabs and registrations, reporting vehicle sales, changing vehicle addresses, decal fees or replacing tabs.

If you must go in for an in-person transaction, the DOL suggests avoiding their busiest times of Monday morning, Friday afternoon and the beginning and end of each month.