Spokane City Councilmember explains why he refuses to wear a mask

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane City Councilmember Jonathan Bingle is taking a stand against mask mandates.

Bingle issued a statement saying that the Washington mask mandate is unconstitutional, and that it is more about government control than science.

He says he plans to testify in Olympia to share his views, and those of Spokane citizens. He also called for a return to in-person city council meetings instead of staying virtual.

Bingle issued the following statement:

From shutting down small businesses to forcing masks on students and impeding their development, it’s time to bring an end to authoritarian and coercive mandates. I am taking a principled stand against unconstitutional mandates that are more about government control than science. After nearly 700 days of living under the Governor’s state of emergency, it’s time to turn the page, end the unconstitutional mandates—and return decision-making to our duly elected state legislators and local governments. That’s why I plan to testify on emergency powers reform in Olympia and share the views of many Spokanites I’ve heard from who want their personal freedom back. I’m also calling for a return to in-person council meetings, as I believe the people’s voice has been locked out of City Hall for too long.”

Bingle represents District 1 on the city council, and he is on a 2022-2025 term.

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