Spokane City Council awards Medal of Valor to Detective Juan Rodriguez

SPOKANE, Wash. — The City Council of Spokane has awarded Detective Juan Rodriguez with the Medal of Valor at Monday night’s city council meeting.

Previously awarded the Purple Heart in January, Rodriguez received the highest recognition of achievement in the Spokane Police Department after his actions on Sept. 11 of 2020. The Medal of Valor is awarded to individuals in SPD who display outstanding acts of heroism or bravery.

Rodriguez was shot in the leg during the pursuit of a carjacking suspect. After being shot, Rodriguez continued to go after the suspect, eventually handcuffing the suspect. The wound from the bullet was close to his femoral artery, which could have been fatal if it was hit.

“Anytime an officer engages in a foot pursuit, it places an officer in danger,” Captain Wayne Hendren said in January. “Very few officers, however, will ever encounter a situation such as the situation Det. Rodriguez encountered… It is my opinion that Det. Rodriguez is most deserving of both the Purple Heart and the Medal of Valor.”

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