84-page plan outlines Spokane sustainability goals

SPOKANE, Wash. — Starting Monday, Spokane could be on the path to reducing its impact on the environment.

The Spokane City Council is set to consider a new 84-page long sustainability plan. If the plan is passed, it will take 28 years to adopt.

The whole plan spans seven different topics, ranging from waste, buildings, transportation and even the economy.

Council President Breann Beggs said the two most important impacts are transportation, heating and cooling. Transportation is responsible for 46 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the city. Then, the consequences of heating and cooling buildings has already been seen this past summer.

“The changes we’re already seeing from climate change is costing us millions of dollars a year. Right now in Spokane, it’s smoke in the summer, where people have to close down businesses, close down schools, cancel the county fair, those types of things,” Beggs said.

Other notable topics include how to create more jobs and make sure the health and wellbeing of the people who call Spokane home are taken into consideration.

“We want to make sure that the people that have bared the brunt of social injustice and environmental injustice are taken care so that we build equity,” Beggs said.

A previous plan was adopted in 2009. However, the new plan takes new technology and updates into account to make it more adaptable today.

Right now, the goal is to start transitioning the city to have more sustainable ways.

You can find more information online and you can see the plan for yourself here.

Spokane Sustainability Action Plan by Tasha Cain on Scribd

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