Packed In: Spokane City Council adopts resolution addressing housing issues, homelessness

Spokane City Hall
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SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane City Council on Monday adopted a resolution to create a strategy to address the city’s affordable housing troubles.

This comes as Spokane’s housing prices and supplies skyrocket.

“This resolution is a starting point for Council to debate and shape a strategy to address housing and homelessness going forward,” said Councilwoman Lori Kinnear. “This provides the Mayor with a clear list of priority actions that have Council support with the assurance that they would be funded.”

The resolution aims to increase housing availability, accessibility, information sharing and strategies to set goals. It also contains a 13-point addendum for the ‘Smart Growth Initiative,’ which includes monitoring government-sponsored homelessness programs and updates from the Spokane Regional Continuum of Care.