Spokane chef Jeremy Hansen embarking on new adventure in Philadelphia

Spokane chef Jeremy Hansen embarking on new adventure in Philadelphia
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Chef Jeremy Hansen is taking his talents to Philadelphia. 

Spokane chef Jeremy Hansen is heading east on a new adventure in the food world. The local culinarian has accepted an offer to be an executive chef at a new restaurant in Philadelphia.

Hansen has made a mark on the Spokane food scene with his many restaurants and food endeavors. He is the co-owner of Inland Pacific Kitchen, Hogwash Whiskey Den and Smoke & Mirrors Saloon, just to name a few. After Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, Hansen took time away from his local work and spent an extended amount of time feeding those in need.

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Hansen made his big announcement on an episode of the Amalgam Podcast. In the episode, he explained how the offer came about. He said he was contacted by a headhunting agency and after a visit to Philly, an interview and meal, an offer was on the table that was too good to pass up.

“If we were going to leave, I had to check off a dozen or so things. Cost of living, quality of life, culture, job opportunities, so on, there’s a bunch of different things and Philly checked off everything,” Hansen said on the podcast.

Hansen and his wife Kate are in the process of selling their restaurants. Earlier this summer, they closed Biscuit Wizard and Common Comb Bakery.

Hansen said he is leaving Spokane on August 5.