Spokane carjacking has delivery drivers talking about job safety

SPOKANE, Wash.– Delivery drivers in the Spokane area are talking about the carjacking that happened while a woman was dropping off groceries.

It started Thursday afternoon in East Central Spokane when a woman was making a delivery near Stone and Fifth.

Other delivery drivers say carjackings can happen when you least expect it.

“There’s just certain things that you gotta do to try and stay safe. it can be scary out there,” said Danielle, who is a Walmart delivery driver.

Danielle says nothing like this has ever happened to her, but she tried to stay prepared for anything. She says she always carries mace, a flashlight and other self-defense tools.

Uber Eats driver Bella Connolly says things like this can happen to anyone. She says she also carries self-defense tools with her when she’s out making deliveries. She also says she turns her car ff and keeps her keys with her when she’s out.

“At the end of the day if someone wants to take advantage of you or your belongings then they may find a way to do so, which is really scary because you can only do so much,” Connolly said.

The woman whose car was stolen left the car running while she was taking groceries to a home. Police say that’s when a man jumped in and took off. The woman told officers she ran back to her car when she saw the man get into it. She tried to get him out and was dragged for a bit, according to officers.

Police said the man continued to drive off and eventually crashed into another car near Cannon and Gardner. He then got out of the car and ran off, officers said.

The driver of the other car walked away with minor injuries.

Anyone with information about the carjacking is asked to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.

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