Spokane businesses raise funds for Malden relief efforts

SPOKANE, Wash. — It was just a little more than a month ago when the people of Malden lost everything in a fire. Now, members of the Spokane Hospitality Coalition are doing what they can to assist in the recovery efforts.

The Hospitality for Hope fundraiser includes around 60 local businesses, and for today only, 10 percent of their sales will go directly to fire relief efforts in Malden. Sally Winfrey, owner of Sweet Frostings, says it’s hard to imagine losing everything, but this event should be a good push for the residents of the small town.

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“We haven’t been asked for a lot due to people thinking that you can’t give in a time like this, but now is when people really really need it and I haven’t seen an event honestly this big for a long time,” said Winfrey. “We do a lot of fundraisers for different activities, but this is probably a bigger one… the hospitality industry is reaching all of the restaurants to try to get everyone on board to do this, which I think is great.”

You can also purchase a gift card from any of the participating locations and donate it to a family displaced by the fires.

For more information, visit the Hospitality for Hope website here.

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