Spokane Bomb Squad says new robot is safer for community and officers

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Bomb Squad has a new tool to keep their response to suspicious devices both quick and safe. 

The Telerob Telemax Hybrid is a robot that is a step up from others they have used over the years. 

This robot has the ability to carry equipment, send x-rays and video, as well as safely disassemble and collect evidence from an explosive device. 

The robot is operated by a bomb tech and by having a robot with more advanced features, officers say it is not only safer for the community, but safer for them. 

“I think the technology has significantly improved,” said Michael Kittlstved, undersheriff for downtown patrol. “Our first robot was basically four wheels. It had one arm that went up and down, you had to pre-position the wrist where you wanted it and it had one camera and really that was it.”

The new robot is the first in more than a decade and was funded through a Homeland Security grant. 

It is ready to be used if there are any emergency calls. The Spokane Bomb Squad encourages the public to call 911 if they notice or discover something that might be an explosive. 

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