Spokane bars hope discounted Lyft cards will dissuade drunk driving over the holidays

For many, the holidays are a time to catch up with family, possibly over a drink. For some, it means avoiding family, possibly with a drink.

Either way, with increased drinking comes the increased temptation to drink and drive, which is nothing to joke about.

Right now, law enforcement agencies across the state are doing emphasis patrols, looking for drivers who may have celebrated a little too much.

Of the 556 traffic deaths in Washington this year, over half of them involved an impaired driver, according to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

On Thursday, officers with the State Liquor & Cannabis Board visited bars in downtown Spokane, handing out cards to combat those numbers.

The cards offer $10 off any Lyft ride home. The ride share company is partnering with the agencies across Washington.

Fast Eddy’s Bartender Jennifer Howard was happy to take some.

“I think they are going to actually realize ‘You know what? This is probably smarter than driving,'” said Howard.

Lyft provided 1,000 discount cards, 250 of which will be handed out in Spokane.

The extra DUI emphasis patrols will continue through January 2.