Spokane babysitter admits to injuring 2-year-old, says she ‘snapped’

Spokane babysitter admits to injuring 2-year-old, says she ‘snapped’

A Spokane babysitter was arrested on child assault charges after a two-year-old child was taken to the hospital with severe injuries.

Felisha Brownlow, 22, was arrested after police said she caused severe trauma to the young girl.

According to court documents filed Friday, Brownlow had been caring for the young girl and another sibling since the beginning of March. She had previously cared for the family in 2018.

The child’s mother told police Brownlow called to say the 2-year-old was not able to eat breakfast, was vomiting and had a fever. Brownlow told the mother she had called 911 and the ambulance medics wanted to take the child to the hospital for dehydration.

Court documents state medical staff found the child had suffered trauma to the left side of her head and was in critical condition. The child ultimately had to have part of her skull removed due to brain swelling.

According to the documents, the child also had bruising on her left eyebrow.

Doctors said the child had a large subdural hematoma requiring surgical intervention and respiratory failure, which required her to be put on life support. According to court documents, the child was unable to breathe on her own.

When confronted by the child’s mother, Brownlow said the young girl had fallen at the park earlier in the week. Documents state Brownlow’s reaction to the child’s condition was almost nonexistent and that she said “Oh” and then asked to leave the house.

According to court documents, doctors believe the child’s injuries were a result of “non-accidental blunt force trauma.”

Neighbors indicated they heard banging in the house and a child screaming before the ambulance arrived.

Police ultimately contacted Brownlow and asked her to speak to detectives. According to court documents, Brownlow initially said the child was injured after falling from a playground toy. She later changed her story saying she intentionally shoved the child in the chest which caused the young girl to fall backwards and hit the back of her head on the floor.

Brownlow told police she “snapped” and lost control because the child was whining, court documents state.

Brownlow was arrested and booked for first degree child assault.