Spokane artist joins others in offering hope through murals covering downtown businesses

SPOKANE, Wash.–Downtown businesses in Spokane saw their windows smashed after peaceful protests were overtaken by rioters.

Now, those same windows are covered by beautiful murals, which were painted by local artists in Spokane.

They paint a picture of hope as our country makes it through these difficult times.

“I find that right now with things being so heated, not only nationally but globally, I really wanted to make something that people looked and went ‘oh he had a blast doing that’,” Local artist Josh Thomas said.

Thomas created a mural right in front of the Empire State Building on Riverside Ave.

He said it took him about a day to finish, and he wanted to show who he is through his art.

Thomas has dealt with racism first hand, growing up as a minority in largely white communities.

“For the vast majority of my life, I didn’t find myself to be different until people started telling me that I was different,” Thomas said.

Black people make up just four percent of Spokane’s population.

“I think it’s a lot easier for people to turn away, and go ‘uh it’s not as relevant here because we don’t have as many minorities’,” Thomas said. “I feel like it’s almost more important here.”

He said everything going on right now may be uncomfortable for many people, but he believes it’s necessary for actual change to happen.

“Just be genuine, be genuine and try,” Thomas said. “A lot of people are scared of trying right now, because they’re worried about being canceled or they’re worried about saying something incorrect. Be genuine and people will understand.”