Spokane Arena scheduled to open as mass vaccination site on Wednesday

SPOKANE, Wash. — Where can you get a COVID-19 vaccine? This is one of the most common questions we get from you. We’re dedicated to finding answers for you as information changes by the minute.

The Spokane Arena is scheduled to open as a mass vaccination site on Wednesday. 3,000 Moderna vaccines have been allocated for the arena, and they have to be used within the next week.

You’ll need an appointment to get one, but you can’t make those yet. It’s not clear what time of Wednesday this will open up to the public.

FAQ: What to know about the new vaccine distribution site at the Spokane Arena

“Based on current allocations for the state of Washington, the initial goal is to have enough vaccine to provide approximately 500 vaccinations per site, per day,” the state health department said in a press release. “In the beginning it will be less, as sites ramp up to that goal and beyond.”

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Again, the arena isn’t scheduled to open until Wednesday.

When you can make an appointment, you can find the portal to make one through Spokane Regional Health’s website or CHAS’s. If you can’t make one online because you don’t have internet access, CHAS wants you to call (509) 444-8200. Tell the representative you would like to make an appointment over the phone since you don’t have a way to get on the internet.

Before you go to the arena, you need to fill out Washington Department of Health’s Phase Finder tool online and bring in a screenshot of your eligibility.

If you can’t get online, SRHD says this will be handled over the phone if you have to book your appointment that way. You also need to bring your ID and your insurance card. If you don’t have one, you won’t be charged.

To be clear, you don’t have to be a CHAS patient in order to get a vaccine at the arena.

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Before making an appointment, SRHD is asking you to contact your healthcare provider first as they might be vaccinating people. In regards to Providence, it’s currently setting up a scheduling process for patients. The website is asking people to check back for updates.

According to Kelli Hawkins, Public Information Officer with Spokane Regional Health, the vaccinations will be given inside the arena.

People scheduled will come in and get checked in by a greeter. You’ll sit down in a room six feet away from others.

Hawkins said people will get the vaccine and be observed in the same spot for any side effects.

For questions about vaccine locations and other general information, there are two numbers you can call. However, because of the high call volume, calls have been disconnected before getting through to someone.

Call 1-800-525-0127 and press #. If you can’t reach a representative through this number, try 1-888-856-5816. This is not to be used as an appointment line right now.

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