Spokane Arena may soon turn into large-scale vaccination site

Spokane Arena hopes to expand seating capacity with tax extension

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Regional Health District has administered 1,400 COVID vaccines so far, with plans to turn testing testing sites into vaccination sites.

The Washington State Department of Health is working to get a “vaccine finder” program rolling, which would report how many doses are in inventory across the state.

In the meantime, the Health District is coordinating with CHAS Health in transitioning testing lanes into large-scale vaccination sites — including the one at the Spokane Arena. Officials say that plenty of space would need to be available for this kind of operation, and they are still working out the logistics.

Spokane is still not moving to Phase 1B of vaccinations yet. According to SRHD Health Program Specialist Kayla Myers, once Phase 1A appointments start winding down, they will consider moving to the next stage.