SPD warns of potential unknown street drug

SPD warns of potential unknown street drug

CORRECTION: The press release sent by the Spokane Police Department indicated that there was a fatality from the unknown street drug. However, according to the City of Spokane, that death was actually related to a different drug and is not connected.

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Spokane Police are warning the public of a potential unknown street drug that has caused at least one death and an increase in drug-related 911 calls.

On Tuesday alone, Spokane Police responded to nearly 20 similar calls regarding what they believe may be an unknown street drug. One person has died from it and the rest of the phone calls made were regarding people acting in an erratic fashion.

SPD says that erratic behavior is consistent with a stimulant: effected persons acting in an unpredictable and sometimes violent manner. People possibly high off the drug have been seen walking in the middle of the streets and yelling randomly at people or objects not present. Some have even acted violently upon police arrival, and multiple people have been transported to hospitals for treatment.

While police won’t definitively say the incidents are linked, the similarities in people’s behavior make it likely a common drug is responsible.

The Spokane Police Department Drug Unit is aware of the situation and attempting to determine the source and nature of the substance.

SPD asks that you call 911 if you see someone who appears to be under the influence of a stimulant.