SPD: Unarmed man threatened to shoot gas station clerk, arrested on outstanding warrant

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Police arrested a man who reportedly threatened to shoot a clerk at the Chevron gas station near 3rd Ave and Monroe.

The man, identified as Samuel Guillen, was not armed and the clerk did not want to press charges.

Police said Guillen was visibly distraught and did not want to cooperate at first, but was eventually taken into custody. He was arrested on an outstanding warrant related to a domestic violence/assault issue.

Cory Johnson is the store clerk who made the call to police. He says right before he was dealing with another customer who was acting out.

“He walks in the door telling me he’s Jesus Christ that he owns the store, and that he was going to get me fired, and then I come out the store watching him walk across the street to leave,” he said.

Johnson says that’s when Guillen approached him and accused him of staring at him.

“Then he’s going off on me again and said ‘apologize again,’ and I’m like dude just leave, and then he refused to leave, so I said I was going to call the cops,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he went back into the store and locked the doors, but Guillen still stood outside. He came out again to let a customer in and that’s when Cory says Guillen made the threats.

“He’s telling me he’s going to shoot me puts his hands like this in his coat pocket, and then he starts going like pulling his hands out like he’s going to shoot me, and he said it several times to me,” Johnson said.

Johnson says although Guillen didn’t appear to have a gun on him, he still called police to be safe.

“With all the shootings, especially the new one with the kid, school shootings, you never know these days what’s going to happen especially with all the tweakers everybody high on dope,” he said.

Officers spoke with Guillen for about an hour before arresting him on the warrant.