SPD to purchase new ballistic shields

SPD to purchase new ballistic shields

The Spokane Police Department is looking to get more ballistic shields for their officers. They’re considering buying up to half a dozen, but an exact number has not yet been determined.

Officers said ballistic shields are used a lot more than many people may think. They’ve been used to help citizens, rescue officers, and of course stop bullets from coming their way.

Ballistic shields were only used by specialty officers in the past, but they’ve become much more common as the uses for them have expanded.

“It’s another tool that kind of enhances our capabilities. It can help us control distance, whether that’s up close or far away and gives us more options as we deal with people,” said Sergeant Terry Preuninger with the Spokane Police Department.

Officers aim to have at least three officers equipped with ballistic shields each day. However, they’re aware that’s not always the case.

They hope with the additional shields, they’ll always have extra gear ready for any given situation.

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