SPD says ‘unpermitted’ climate march exhausted police resources

SPD says ‘unpermitted’ climate march exhausted police resources

A climate strike called for extra resources from the Spokane Police Department on Friday when the event turned into what officers said was an unplanned march.

The protest began at the Rotary Fountain in Riverfront Park, but police said it took a spontaneous turn when close to 1,000 people began marching to City Hall.

SPD said the march, which was unplanned and unpermitted, exhausted police resources and caused lower priority calls to go unanswered while officers were directed to areas around the city.

Police said protesters began by crossing Spokane Falls Boulevard, disrutpting traffic and calling for the reallocation of officers who were previously assigned to the Downtown Precinct and south side of the city.

Now, SPD is reminding community members the importance of getting a permit before future marches. Permits, police said, allow both SPD and the city time to prepare and assign resources to ensure everyone’s safety.

Friday’s climate strike was part of a global strike that spanned six continents. Young people from across the world demanded immediate action in regard to climate change by all levels of government and society.

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