SPD officer reprimanded for inappropriate conduct

SPD officer reprimanded for inappropriate conduct

The Spokane Police Department released body cam video of a veteran officer saying inappropriate words to a suspect during a ride inside a police vehicle. That officer is now facing consequences.

About a month ago, SPD says someone who they cannot release the identity of requested to release the body cam footage.

SPD said this situation happened in January 2016 with Spokane Police officer Chris McMurtrey.

SPD said officers responded to a domestic violence call at Third and Altamont. They were in search for a man armed with an ax. Once they found the suspect, he started to run. Police caught the man and it took six officers to put him into handcuffs.

Once they got the man into the police vehicle, some inappropriate bantering between McMurtrey and the man ensued.

“When we make a mistake, we are going to own it,” said Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl. “When one of the officers makes a mistake, we are going to own the mistake. It is not our intent to rationalize or minimize inappropriate conduct, and this is one of those situations where clearly there was inappropriate conduct.”

A Spokane Police sergeant filed a internal affairs complaint. Officer Chris McMurtrey was removed from his regular duties and put into administrative work.

Meidl said SPD not only wants to showcase their heroic acts to the community, but the department will admit when they make mistakes.

Officer McMurtrey, who has been with the department for more than 10 years, wrote a letter of apology to the entire chain of command. He has not spoken to the suspect since the incident.