SPD: Armed assault suspect gouges K9 in the eyes

K9 Haywire Assault Suspet
Credit: Spokane Police Department

SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane Police K9 was injured while tracking an armed assault suspect on Saturday.

The situation started as a hit and run near Calispel and Wellesley in North Spokane. Police said 39-year-old Brandon O. Keele ran a stop sign, hit another car and then ran away from the scene.

Three people suffered minor injuries and witnesses followed Keele until he reportedly pointed a gun at one of them.

SWAT and K9 resources were then called in to handle the situation. K9 Haywire was able to track Keele to a backyard on N Whitehouse.

Police said Keele gouged Haywire in the eyes, but the K9 was able to keep contact until officers could take him into custody.

A loaded handgun was recovered from where Keele was hiding.


Keele, who has multiple felony convictions, was booked on new charges of assault, burglary, vehicle hit and run with injury, resisting arrest, driving with a suspended driver’s license, harming a police dog and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Police said K9 Haywire has been resting for a few days and appears to be fully recovered.

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