SPD adding extra units on Saturday as Zags advance to Final Four

Gonzaga University Campus

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Police plan to add extra units on Saturday as Gonzaga advances to the Final Four.

Gonzaga University Campus Security will join SPD in providing extra security and enforcement throughout Saturday afternoon, evening and into Sunday morning.

Officers will primarily focus on the Logan neighborhood near the Gonzgaga campus, as well as activate a downtown bar patrol.

In a release, the department encouraged students and community members to celebrate the team in a safe, lawful and respectful manner.

“You know that campus is amazing. The president, the athletic director, the professors, they care for those kids and none of us wants to see our community look bad,” said Officer and former Gonzaga basketball player Winston Brooks. “We’ve seen across the country, teams and fans get crazy, and Spokane’s not like that so, I’ve seen those guys have fun before, but just don’t get out of control. That’s your school, that’s your campus, so treat it like it’s yours.”

The Washington State Patrol also has plans to ramp up patrols around game time.

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