SPD “actively looking” for mother accused of abuse after accidental release from jail

SPD “actively looking” for mother accused of abuse after accidental release from jail

Spokane Police say they are actively looking for Leslie Baker, a Spokane mother accused of child abuse, who was released from jail, again, on Tuesday.

SPD says a $100,000 warrant is out for Baker’s arrest, and they are seeking tips from the public as to where she is. If you have any information, call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.

A neighbor of Baker’s reached out to KXLY Wednesday to say that police officers were once again at Baker’s apartment. She said those officers told her Baker had been ‘accidentally’ released from jail.

Baker was initially arrested in June and charged with 4th degree assault in municipal court. The investigation that followed resulted in the three counts of child assault Baker is now facing in Superior Court.

On Sunday, Baker was arrested and booked into jail, four days after the first warrant for her arrest was put in place. She posted a $50,000 dollar bond later that day, and was released.

When she did not show up for an out-of custody first appearance on Monday afternoon, a second warrant was put out for her arrest. When police arrived at her home that night, Baker did not come out. She was eventually taken into custody.

Baker eventually made her first appearance for these charges on Tuesday afternoon, during which a judge increased her bond to $100,000. According to Baker’s court file, she was to remain in the jail unless she posted that bond. The court file does not indicate that she has done so.

But, a Spokane County Jail employee told KXLY on Thursday that Baker was released from the jail on Tuesday evening, shortly after her court appearance, on “an order from the court.” That employee indicated that the court told the jail to release Baker, so detention services did.

No order for release appears in Baker’s Superior Court file as of Thursday morning.

According to Jared Webley, with Spokane County, a clerical error led to Baker’s release.

Baker posted a $50,000 bond on July 29, when she was released. The bond was forfeited when Baker missed her scheduled court appearance on Monday.

At her first appearance on Tuesday, Baker’s bond was raised to $100,000, and a judge recalled the original bond forfeiture.

But, according to Webley, the jail received the new bond notice before it received the order to recall the original bond forfeiture, apparently leading the jail to believe the court had ordered Baker’s release.

Webley said the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office and Detention Services are working to establish a protocol to ensure this confusion doesn’t occur again.