SPD: 70-year-old woman blows .195, arrested for vehicular assault

SPD: 70-year-old woman blows .195, arrested for vehicular assault

A 70-year-old woman was arrested Thursday night for vehicular assault stemming from a crash near N. Nevada Road and E. Magnesium Road.

According to court documents, a blue truck ran a red light, attempted a southbound turn and crashed into another car. Court documents state the driver did not attempt to stop and fled the scene.

A witness followed the truck for several blocks, but ultimately stopped out of fear, according to documents. Another witness followed the truck, but never got a look at the driver.

Based on witness accounts, Spokane Police determined they had probable cause to arrest the driver for felony hit and run.

Witness information led two officers to believe Lynda Jo Watson was a suspect. Two officers began patrolling the area of her home and ultimately found her inside a blue truck parked on the side of the road, court documents state.

Police approached the truck and it started moving forward. Police said it struck a curb and drove up on it, nearly hitting a group of hedges.

Police ultimately stopped Watson inside the blue truck and found it had a mangled fender and was dented.

According to court documents, Watson struggled to find her ID when asked for it and handed police her wallet saying “here.” Police said Watson repeatedly forgot what they were asking.

Watson told police she was heading home after a high school reunion at Jack and Dan’s bar, court documents state. Police said she admitted to having 3-4 glasses of wine.

Court documents state Watson said she didn’t think she had been in a crash when police asked her. Police asked her multiple times and, per court documents, she looked at the side of her truck to see if there was damage.

Police asked Watson to take a walk and turn test, which she struggled to complete. According to court documents, she took off her shoes, lost her balance and hit her head on the concrete. Police said they administered a breathalyzer and Watson blew a .195.

The victim in the crash, a 71-year-old woman, suffered a neck injury and was taken to the hospital.

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