Spark Central hoping to connect Kendall Yards with West Central youth

Spark Central hoping to connect Kendall Yards with West Central youth

Not everyone learns the same way and not all children have the same opportunities to expand their knowledge of the world. In Kendall Yards, volunteers at Spark Central, a non-profit, geared to creative learning, hope to bring a little extra inspiration to the West Central neighborhood.

“The idea of the Spark was born from, was to kinda bring West Central and Kendal Yards together,” said parent Keavy Neff, who was at Spark Central, Thursday night with his daughter, Odessa.

“I’ve been coming here since the very start, since it first started. Which I don’t know how many years that was,” said Odessa Neff.

And despite her sock monkey beanie, Odessa was doing anything but monkeying around.

“I like to make things,” she said as she fiddled with a foam board version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

“Whether you like books or comics or Legos, or toys, they have all of it,” said Odessa.

Crafting foam board buildings is fun and educational, they are historical structures after all.

“I love coming here. I think it’s a great place,” said Odessa.

Odessa’s dad thinks it’s pretty great too.

“For kids to have a healthy place to go to, for adults to have resources,” said Neff.

Spark is a place for all kids, no matter what neighborhood they live in, to exercise their creativity, find inspiration and meet their neighbors.

“It’s pretty close to like a family,” said Neff.

The membership, programs and events are free at Spark which is important for the West Central neighborhood, where poverty isn’t just a vocabulary word. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one-third of West Central residents live in poverty.

“Like, the volunteers here don’t act like they’re working at a job,” said Odessa.

They’re really working on building a better future for all the little learners in the area.

“I just hope it continues to grow for a long time. It’s just getting started,” said Neff.

“It’s like a home away from home because it’s where the heart is,” said Odessa

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