South Perry Street Fair to return after two year hiatus

SPOKANE, Wash. — If you’ve spent time, or driven through the South Perry District recently, you know the neighborhood has survived the pandemic. The hustle and bustle of the area indicate the region is emerging from the pandemic, stronger than before.

A local favorite in the area, Casper Fry, is closing its doors for good on Saturday, but we’re told that’s not because of financial reasons.

Plans are already in place for a French restaurant to take their spot, with a grand opening in June. Chef Adam Hegsted from the EatGoodGroup will be heading up the new restaurant.

Meanwhile, South Perry Pizza, Perry Street Brewing, the Lantern, and the Shop are enjoying a renewed business and they’re looking forward to what’s ahead.

These restaurants represent the heart of this area, but there are also wellness shops, a spa, boutiques, and other shopping.

Ten years ago, it was a completely different neighborhood. The reality that these businesses have kept their heads above water, and are thriving now (despite two tough years) is a testament to the strength of the people in this area.

“It’s surprising. The local community must have been doing a lot of take-out to support them. So it’s good!” says Derek Williams, a customer at South Perry Pizza.

“It’s a sought-after place to be, it’s a thriving little neighborhood, and it’s very resilient so I think the community members were absolutely committed to keeping the businesses open,” explained Michelle Weaver, Vice President of the South Perry Business & Neighborhood Association. 

Now, Weaver is busy planning the Perry Street Fair that is set to return on July 16t Prior to COVID, it was an annual community event that went on for 20-years straight.

Each year, the Perry Street Fair shuts down the main road so people can stroll among vendor booths, dine on food from local food trucks and listen to live music, and they’re back this summer.

We’re told by other business owners in the area, that this is a sign the South Perry Neighborhood is alive and well!

The South Perry District is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Spokane and the street fair is intended to help raise money to maintain and improve the neighborhood’s streetscape.

There are about 40 open spots for vendors and plenty of opportunities to volunteer. If you are interested in being a part of this year’s event, click here to learn more. 

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