South Hill spin studio backpedals, cancels classes in wake of statewide COVID restrictions

SPOKANE, Wash. — The owner of a new spin studio on the South Hill reversed course and canceled classes after initially setting out to defy Governor Inslee’s coronavirus restrictions.

Monday morning, CycleBar announced that their doors will remain open despite restrictions that would force them to close; but after the publicity their letter received, the owner opted to cancel classes for the week to avoid having her business license revoked.

The owner, Jenny, issued the following statement:

“I had one goal in planning to stay open despite Inslee’s decree, provide you a safe place to maintain your physical and mental health. A wonderful by-product of working out is a corresponding increase in your immune system to fight Covid [sic] and other illnesses.

There is a ton of data showing fitness facilities do not spread Covid. Inslee’s own health department shows that fitness facilities have been the source of ZERO Covid cases.
There is also a ton of data as to the physical and mental health benefits of our type of fitness.

The email I sent last night telling you we were going to stay open was intended for you, an adult who can make an adult decision.

As you may know, that email ended up on KHQ and KREM’s Facebook page. The outpouring of support for my letter on KHQ and KREM’s pages is heartwarming. Over 900 likes and hearts and counting!

While the likes and hearts for my email are heartwarming, I’m afraid it may be a detriment to our goal of providing rides for you. I did not want this publicity. My goal was NOT to poke the governor or make a statement.

The goal was simple: Stay open, provide rides and if we get shut down, we get shut down. If we get a fine, we pay it. In the meantime, we will have provided rides for you.
At this point, with the publicity, I’m guessing our local law enforcement will be pressured by Inslee to shut us down on day one. That’s fine. I can live with that. Some of Spokane’s finest are Members and they’re just doing their job.

My major concern is, with the publicity, the governor will choose to make an example of us and have our business license revoked.
That could result in us never providing another ride for you.

With the love I’ve felt in the last few weeks, and the smiles of delight on your faces after crushing a workout, I can’t live with that!
We’re going to grow an amazing place full of positive people building each other up. CycleBar is a place where you get to leave your worries behind and focus on you! For some of you, it’s the only 45 minutes you get to yourself, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We are here for you, each and every one of you, and we only want to help YOU bring out the best version of yourself.

Everyone is welcome at CycleBar.

So, with a heavy heart, I have decided to cancel rides this week.

I’m hoping some of these mandates will be lifted and we’ll be able to host SOME form of classes soon before this 4-week nonsense is over.

Thank you so much for your support.

I love you all.”

Jenny argued that fitness centers have “been the source of ZERO Covid cases.” However, data has shown that gyms are known to carry high danger of spreading COVID-19. In October, a Canadian spin studio was the site of an outbreak that infected 61 people, despite spacing out bikes and encouraging mask-wearing.

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