South Hill roads blocked by downed trees after overnight snow storm

Multiple trees were downed when more than three inches of snow fell over the Spokane area Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

Several roads on Spokane’s South Hill were blocked by falling branches early Wednesday morning.

TRAFFIC ALERT: This downed tree near 14th & Ray is blocking more than one full southbound lane on Ray. Drivers will need to be careful going around it. #4NewsNow

— Derek Deis (@DerekKXLY) October 9, 2019

TRAFFIC ALERT: Another downed tree near 8th & Ray. Again blocking more than one southbound lane. Drivers use caution going around it. #4NewsNow

— Derek Deis (@DerekKXLY) October 9, 2019

Down trees on Thor & 8th blocking almost all of the southbound lanes power outages throughout the south hill. Many cars are going to fast and almost hit the tree in the road #4newsnow

— Jerry Swanson (@JerrysKXLY) October 9, 2019

More trees down in the road near Grand Blvd & 34th almost making it hard to drive down the southbound side of the street. Also I’ve been hearing trees cracking in the distance be careful this morning #4newsnow

— Jerry Swanson (@JerrysKXLY) October 9, 2019

The storm also knocked out power to many intersections. Drivers are asked to be extremely careful around downed trees, and treat all powerless intersections as a four-way stop.

And overnight snow storm has caused branches to break off and take out power lines. This has caused widespread power outage, many traffic signals are out. Remember to treat intersections as a four-way stop when signals are not working. Give yourself extra time while traveling

— Spokane Police (@SpokanePD) October 9, 2019