South Hill neighbors assess snowstorm damage

South Hill neighbors assess snowstorm damage
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‘I’ve never seen anything like this!’ seemed to be the phrase of the day on the South Hill when it came to the snowfall and the damage it caused.

A resident on Lincoln Street was one of the folks feeling luckier as he checked out his parked car in front of his house.

” I’m glad my wife woke me up! I thought she was crazy. There was a tree or a branch that was really close to our car, so I got up and started investigating.”

That was in the middle of the night. He said he debated moving it — after all, how much destruction could an October snowfall cause? That was before the sounds of branches breaking kept him up most of the night.

“I wasn’t going to move it, but I’m glad I did, because right after I moved it another branch snapped and would’ve hit the back end of the car,” he explained.

Others on the South Hill weren’t so lucky. Falling tree limbs hit houses, took down power lines and completely trapped some homeowners.

To celebrate the snow day, Libby Banshaw and her brother wanted to go grab neighbors coffee. Only, they didn’t get very far.

“We can’t get out because of the trees, they are blocking our road!” she explained.

City of Spokane crews said a big problem they kept encountering as they tried to clear roads were downed power lines. They added that once they encounter them, they have to stop. It’s just too dangerous.

A few minutes after our interview, one City of Spokane crew came and tried to clear Libby’s road. They, too, had to stop for a downed power line, but managed to move the tree limbs just enough for her to get that coffee.

“I never thought this would happen in October!” she exclaimed.