Sound Off for March 9th: Are you angry Washington lawmakers couldn’t hammer out the budget during the 60 day session?

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Lawmakers only get a short reprieve after wrapping up a two-month legislative session, and are set to return next week to address an impasse over the supplemental budget.

The Legislature adjourned early this morning, but an unresolved budget means they’ll be back Monday for the start of an overtime special session that could last up to a month.

And that could cost taxpayers up to $14,000 a day.

Lawmakers are looking to close a budget gap of about $500 million through the end of the two-year budget cycle ending June 2013, as well as leaving several hundred million dollars in reserves.

Critics say our lawmakers had more than enough time to hammer out a budget.

How do you feel about it?

Are you upset they couldn’t get this done during the 60 day legislative session?

Or do you want them to take as much time as they need?

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