Sound Off for March 16th: Would you like to see Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers running as V.P.?

McMorris Rodgers pregnant with 3rd child

Representative Cathy Mcmorris Rodgers as the vice presidential candidate?

It may not be too far off.

At least two national publications have her on the short list.

The Daily Caller lists her as a possible choice and says she might actually benefit from a relatively low profile

And The National Journal ranks her #10 on the list for V.P. nomination.

It says she would bring age and gender balance to the Republican ticket and has a policy portfolio that’s deeper than Sarah Palin’s.

McMorris Rodgers is currently the head of Mitt Romney’s campaign in Eastern Washington.

When we asked her about the rumors she skirted the issue, but did say she was honored by the speculation.

Would you like to see our Congresswoman on the Republican ticket?

Do you think she’s right for the job or would you like to see someone else take the spot?

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