Sound Off for March 15th: Does the government need to stay out of private health issues?

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There’s some backlash on a proposed bill being introduced by a female Ohio legislator.

She wants men to see a sex therapist before getting a prescription for Viagra or any other erectile dysfunction medication.

Senator Nina Turner also would require men in her state to get a signed affidavit by their sex partner to get the prescription and get screened for underlying medical conditions.

Senator Turner says, “It is patently unfair in this country that we simply only focus in on women’s reproductive health. We have to show men we care about them too.  And for far too long female legislators have abdicated their responsibility to tell men what they need do with their bodies.”

You can probably sense the sarcasm in that quote, but Turner says she is dead serious.

She is one of at least 5 female state lawmakers across the country who have recently introduced bills pertaining to men’s reproductive health.

It’s in response to the proposed ultrasound before abortion laws proposed in states like Idaho.

What do you think?

Would you support pre-screening for men who want a prescription for Viagra?

Or do you think the government needs to stay out of both men’s and women’s private reproductive health issues?

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