Sound Off for June 27th: Do you feel safe in Downtown Spokane?

More than just ballers bringing business to Spokane

Downtown Spokane businesses are concerned about increased late-night violence.

The violence and attacks are being blamed on a group of teens include the beating of a bar bouncer at Jimmy’z and two cooks from the Satellite Diner.

Dave Reynolds, the bouncer at Jimmy’z, was beaten unconscious by a group of 20 teenagers who wanted his motorcycle helmet and a cab driver says he was threatened by a teen with a hypodermic needle.

Police have increased bike patrols, but say part of the reason they haven’t been able to catch the teens is because they scatter before officers can get there.

Officers had a meeting Monday to set a game plan for the upcoming Hoopfest weekend.

But City Council President Ben Stuckart says the city doesn’t have the budget to add more downtown cops on a regular basis, but is considering a curfew.

Do you feel safe when you’re downtown? Do you find yourself avoiding the area? Or do you feel completely at ease?

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