Sound Off for April 20th: A judge sets a suspected murderer free to die at home with family. Weigh in.

Terminally ill murder suspect dies

A Yakima judge decided to grant bail to an accused killer with a terminal illness so he can die at home with his family.

“She didn’t die with her family, with any of us around her, and he shouldn’t have that comfort of going home to his family,” Brooks’ mother Violet Brown said.

Richard Roberson’s lawyer says his client has cirrhosis of the liver and won’t live long enough to stand trial for the death of his girlfriend, 39 year old Felicia Brooks.

Brooks was strangled last August and her relatives here in Spokane don’t want him released.

The judge says he’s not a flight risk, and will release him.

Roberson’s attorney says his family will decide whether he’ll live with his sister or at a nursing home.

His movements will be watched by electronic home monitoring.

Weigh in on the decision: Do you think the judge did the right thing?

Or do you think he should sit in jail?

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