Sound Off for April 18th: Do you want Spokane to get tough on panhandlers?

Sound Off for August 3rd: Do you think Spokane’s proposed ordinance will cut down on panhandling?

A Spokane city councilman wants to get rid of panhandlers with tough new restrictions on where people can ask drivers for money.

Mike Allen is taking a closer look at a Spokane Valley ordinance that has all but eliminated panhandling there.

That law went into effect the summer of 2010.

The valley ordinance bans panhandling 100 feet from intersections and freeway off-ramps.

Now Allen wants to put the restrictions to work in places like Third and Division.

He has asked the city attorney’s office to review the Valley ordinance and hopes to present his proposal to his fellow council members within the next two months.

Would you support this ordinance?

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