Sorry Spokane, no Chick-fil-A for you!

Sorry Spokane, no Chick-fil-A for you!

Pandemonium nearly broke out over delicious chicken on Saturday, when the Chick-fil-A website appeared to announce the imminent opening of a restaurant on the Gonzaga campus.

The posting taunted taste buds, stating the exact location was 502 E. Boone Ave.

More than one KXLY employee had hoped it was a misprint and that the actual address was 502 WEST Boone Ave. (KXLY’s Address is 500 W. Boone Ave.)

By Sunday morning, Gonzaga had crushed the hopes of chicken lovers across the Lilac City. Chick-fil-A was not opening on campus.

But there was still hope. Perhaps Chick-fil-A was still coming to Spokane and just had the wrong address.

Monday morning, Chick-fil-A ended all hope, releasing this statement.

“A web error resulted in an incorrect listing, and it has since been fixed. While we are always looking for new locations, we have nothing to confirm in the Spokane, Washington area at this time.”

If you want to enjoy a Chick-fil-A meal, you’ll have to drive to Moscow, Idaho or western Washington.