‘Something’s a little off:’ Downtown Moscow restaurant reopens as Idaho State Police continue investigation

MOSCOW, Idaho — On Thursday, Mad Greek, a downtown Moscow restaurant, reopened its doors for the first time this week.

The restaurant had been closed since Monday due to the University of Idaho murder. Two of the victims, Madison Mogen and Xana Kernodle, were servers at the restaurant.

“Although this is an emotional time right now, some employees need to return as this job supports them and their families financially,” Jackie, the owner of Mad Greek wrote on Facebook. “Employees who need more time to heal are on leave for the time being, some returning home early for Thanksgiving break.”

Besides the sound of traffic and music coming from Tapped, a bar and restaurant next to Mad Greek, the streets of downtown Moscow were mostly quiet.

“There’s less people, less traffic and you can sense something’s a little off,” said Cooper Rombold, who was walking his dog. “I’m just trying to look around and make sure everything is okay… if there’s anything that’s off. It’s just what the police were asking but also just, personal…I just feel like there’s more that I can do.”

Carson Mackenzie, a University of Idaho junior, was picking up a DoorDash order from Mad Greek. He explained he’s not surprised by the lack of foot traffic in downtown.

“I can understand that most students are taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves and going home to their families,” Mackenzie said.

Mackenzie lived near the home where the four University of Idaho students were murdered.

“I was living .3 miles from where it happened, and it’s just, it’s scary knowing that something like that can happen so close, to not just me, but to literally anyone on campus,” he said.

Overnight, investigators from the Idaho State Police crime lab were at the crime scene going through rooms.

“They’re reviewing the house, they’re going through the house, and looking for any additional evidence that may have been missed, taking additional pictures,” said Aaron Snell, Idaho State Police Communications Director. “They’re reviewing the scene and reprocessing that scene to make sure everything appropriate was collected.”

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