Some drivers weathering the storm, as snows dumps onto highways

Some drivers weathering the storm, as snows dumps onto highways

Snow has been falling for most of Wednesday in the Inland Northwest. But, if you think it’s bad where you are, check out Whitman County. Many areas received several inches in just a matter of hours. That icy weather is causing travel issues, in town and on the highways.

Earlier Wednesday, Highway 195 was barely recognizable. Visibility was poor and the actual roadway was buried under heavy snow and ice. It was the same story for Highway 27 near Oakesdale, which WSDOT closed because conditions were so hazardous.

“The snow is – the white, just kind of blinds you,” said Richard Bosserman, a driver from Coeur d’Alene.

“This has been a tough one. yeah, just the darn wind. we can handle the snow, but the wind’s got to blow all the time, and these little roads can’t take that,” said Mike Brown, a driver from Oakesdale.

While this weather might deter some drivers from taking to the wheel, these people weren’t bothered.

“We’ll make her. We got four-wheel drive. We’re used to it,” Brown said.

In Oakesdale, there was more compacted snow on the roadways and walkways. There was even a store owner trying to clear the sidewalk to his entrance. While most chose to stay inside, there were some drivers willing to take the risk and drive.

They’ll take on the trek, even if some may find this weather frightful. Their destination is worth it.

Like Brown, who’s trying to watch Oakesdale play at State B.

“Yeah, we’re going right now. we got up early. we’re watching all the games,” Brown said.

Or another man trying to get his friend’s dog to get surgery in Pullman.

“She’s a good baby. she looks like she’ll eat you alive, but that dog is the most gentlest dog you’ve ever met,” Bosserman said.

If you want to try your hand at the wheel, they have some advice.

“30 miles an hour is a safe speed. 40 is okay. But any above that, you’re really taking your butt in your hands,” Bosserman said.

While driving can be stressful this man is keeping his good humor for the trip.

“And remember, rubber side down. you know, cause it really messes your paint up when when you rollover and you slide on the roof,” Bosserman said.

WSDOT said because there is more snow expected in the forecast, Highway 27 will be closed indefinitely until weather improves.

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