Some Avista customers may not get power back for more than two days

Avista said some Spokane customers may not get their power restored for two or more days.

On Wednesday, more than 30,000 Avista customers lost power due to the snowstorm. Falling tree limbs caused power lines to come down, which caused the majority of the outages.

The areas hit the hardest were the South Hill and Airway Heights.

“I’ve never seen this happen. I’ve been here for 25 years,” said John Ferrini.

Ferrini said it all started at 12:30 Wednesday morning.

“There was a really bright flash and loud noise that woke me up and the power went out at the same time,” said Ferrini.

He thought the power would be restored by the time he got up, but it turns out he along with thousands of others, may be without power for several days.

“I’ve never lost power at this house. This is the fist time my house has been without power,” Ferrini said.

“We currently have 50 crews working. We have all of our internal available Avista resources, as well as our contracted partners helping us,” said David Howell, Operations Director for Avista.

Even with all of that help, crews are still struggling.

“Having the trees down actually slows down the restoration effort. We have to have vegetation management crews out ahead of our crews to remove the trees so that we can then go restore the lines,” said Howell.

Avista said it’s focusing on restoring power to its critical care customers first. They will then focus on high volume areas before fixing individual service lines.

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As of 4:40 p.m., Avista reported 7,700 people in the Spokane area were without power.

You can view the Avista outage map here.

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