Soccer Ball Watch 2011 Continues!

Soccer Ball Watch 2011 Continues!
Soccer Ball Watch 2011 Continues!

We’re one week into Soccer Ball Watch 2011. Our eye on the water, Mark Simonds, has reported that it’s getting a little crowded in the eddies of the Spokane River under the footbridge. The red soccer ball that started it all, has made some friends.

Joining the party recently is another soccer ball. This one is white. Also spotted is an orange ball. To the upper left, we have some unidentified floating objects.

There is roughly 33,000 cubic feet per second of water moving through the Spokane River right now. Dan Kolbet, communications manager for Avista says, there’s more than just a soccer ball making its way through our fair city.

“There are a lot of items that collect in different areas of the river. We keep an eye out for things that might damage our facilities or pose a public hazard,” said Kolbet.

In an Avista blog entry from August 2010, Kolbet explained that debris tends to accumulate at the Monroe Street Dam. They have to take a crane in to grab the materials and place them over the dam. This debris collects behind their hydro projects and at some point does need to be removed.

Kolbet continued, “As far as I can tell, this soccer ball is just out to have a good time, although I imagine it’s rather dizzy by now.”

For Giggles: Check out the #SoccerBallWatch2011 hash tag on Twitter.