Snyder, Waldref plan to draft paid sick leave policy for Spokane

Snyder, Waldref plan to draft paid sick leave policy for Spokane

If you’re out sick from work, do you get paid? Many in Spokane do not, but some city council members want to change that.

City council members Jon Snyder and Amber Waldref plan to introduce a resolution this week that basically states their intentions to establish a paid sick leave ordinance in the city. Snyder and Waldref are shooting to have a paid sick leave policy by this summer.

The policy would be based on a proposal from the Spokane Alliance that outlines how employees would accrue sick leave and how much of it they could earn at different sized businesses.

“I don’t want to wait until we get handed down a policy from somewhere else. I’d like to see if we can stake our claim and get this policy that is right for Spokane,” Snyder said.

While the council would draft its own rules, the Spokane Alliance recommends that sick and safe time be used for personal illness, care for a family member and other factors. While some business owners might find merit in having a paid sick leave policy, it may not be worth it to others and Snyder concedes some business owners are worried a new law would be a heavy financial burden.

“They’ve got some good points and we want to engage them in dialogue,” Snyder said.

It’s estimated that 40,000 workers in Spokane do not have paid sick leave.