Snowstorm leaves some residents stranded at home

There’s nothing like the weather changing your plans for the day. That’s what happened to many folks on the South Hill. Some weren’t able to get to work, some had no power and others were up all night because of the ruckus.

“One come down, then another one and then a crash. It was like something out of nightmare movies,” said Sue Conklin, a resident in the South Hill.

It’s a sight that Conklin had not seen for many, many years. She sat on her porch, looking at the damage caused by the storm.

“Never in my years, and I’m 68. I never had stuff like this happen,” she said. “It was a trip.”

Conklin’s street was only one of many that were blocked in the city.

Some had to call out of their actual jobs, and others had to do some other work themselves, to make it in.

Brianne Lively lives near 24th and Freya. She woke up and got ready for work in the dark.

“There still wasn’t power and it went out overnight. I was getting ready by flashlight, and then the power came back on. I was still getting everything together, about to wake up our son to get him ready,” she explained.

Her husband was getting ready to go outside to shovel some snow.

“He looks out the window, saying ‘Um, we’re not going anywhere today,'” she said laughing.

Their driveway and street were covered by tree branches. They tried to clean some of it up, but it was better to be safe than sorry. It was supposed to be a regular Wednesday.

“I feel bad that I can’t go to work, but I’m physically obstructed from going to work,” she said referring to her street filled with tree branches.

Lively ended up having to do a different type of work, after calling in.

“I do have a toddler. It will be a lot of taking care of him,” she said.

The daycare she takes him to was closed too, because of the storm. Her husband ended up cleaning up what he could – the branches that should have been taken care of over the summer.

“We did get notifications over the summer that we were going to be getting branch work in our area, around our house, but I don’t know if that ever happened. But, this might make it easier for them or harder? Depending on the perspective,” she said.

Regardless, crews are out cleaning up debris with some help from homeowners.