Snowplows and road crews ready for winter storm

SPOKANE, Wash.– Snowplow crews are ready for what’s forecast to be the heaviest snowfall of the season.

Road crews are ready to hit the streets and keep them clear.

The Washington Department of Transportation spent Wednesday pre-treating the roads and getting trucks ready for the new crews coming in. Its priority will be I-90, since that’s the most traveled roadway.

Plow crews are asking you to do your part by leaving them extra room on the road.

“The other day on highway 395, south of Ritzville, a person was just going too fast and couldn’t slow down in time, and went right back into the truck. So, just ask that people give us space,” Washington State Department of Transportation communications manager Ryan Overton said.

WSDOT and city crews want drivers to slow down and give their snowplows plenty of room. WSDOT crews move snow to the right in most of Spokane County and they say a lot of drivers try to pass them on the shoulder, which creates an unsafe situation.

The City of Spokane said it’s also getting ready to keep the roads clear. It called in people who are off so they can work full night shifts.

The city wanted to remind people to park on the odd-numbered side of the street in residential areas so plows can make their way through.

“There’s some misperceptions that that will not create a snow berm on their side of the street, but everyone will get a berm. But, it does give our equipment room to work,” City of Spokane streets director Clint Harris said.



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