Snow causes roof collapse in North Spokane

Snow causes roof collapse in North Spokane

The effects of Spokane’s harsh winter weather this season have been devastating to some.

This wet, heavy snow has become more than just an inconvenience. It’s now a safety hazard.

The weight of the snow was too much to bear for a building in North Spokane when it caused the roof to collapse Thursday morning. This comes just after a carport roof collapsed at a Spokane condominium complex last weekend, damaging around 20 vehicles.

Thursday morning when Nathan Webb arrived to his North Spokane auto repair shop, Calabash Kustom Performance, he found the sides of the building folded up and the roof caved in.

The damage inside was extensive.

The roof is now wide open and the ceiling is crushing cars below.

“It’s our storage shop where we store personal cars right now. We have two, probably $30,000 Camaros, in there right now under an entire roof and snow.”

Webb and his brother-in-law each own an auto business in the building. On the other side, a landscaping company is dealing with the collapsed roof as well.

Now aside from the building itself, the owners of these shops are concerned about what’s inside. They’re still trying to get the OK to go in and get all of their equipment out.